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In this video i give you an example on how to build a 3D aquarium background using cement and styrofoam.
This was only an example and not really meant to look that great, but rather something visual to show you on how i build one.
Keep in mind this is not the only way to do it, so do some of hyour own research and find the best method and materials suited for you.
A 3D background can not only be a functional decoration by hiding equipment, it also is visually appealing and what most people would be after. They certainly do help to create a more natural setting for your fish. Building one can not only be cheaper, but you can be assured that it will be the only one of its kind.

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  1. I know this is an old video, but it's what I used to build my background. Your video's are awesome, and I also love your book! However, I was just wondering how you remove a custom concrete background, from your tank with a plastic lip, after silicone it in place. I've searched YouTube. There are a lot of videos on how to make a background not a one on how to remove it after you've installed it.

  2. Yo love the videos man had a quick question, so after I cover all my foam with the concrete mix do I leave the back with just foam then silicone it to the tank and run a bead around all the edges ?? So it seals

  3. So if I wanted to make formations for a pre-existing tank, would I soak what I create for a few days first so then when I put it in with my fish the pH level wont change?

  4. Question: You said the pH will rise and you have to do water changes for weeks. well I have an already established aquarium, would it be okay if I created this, let it soak in a big bucket or tub for weeks and change the water till the pH is normal and then be able to take my fish out for a day and do a 100% water change and put it in while I do that?

  5. If you're wanted a natural Finnish using different paint techniques but also not have to bother with so many water changes would you paint then epoxy or vice versa? Many thanks, love the videos

  6. Great video, followed it to the tee and my background came out great! How long will it take to get the pH down? It’s been about 3 weeks of 2-3 water changes per week and still very high. No noticeable drop (8.6ish)

  7. Is one styrofoam better than the other? Like is the pink stuff better than the white stuff? Also if I wanted to use this as like shelf Rock to put frags on do you think it would stay under or would I have to adhere to the tank? Or magnet it to the tank

  8. Learn a lot from your channel and planning to do my first DIY.

    Looking around some paint options here in the Philippines, what paints properties should I stay away from?

    I found some that are 100% Acrylic but it says
    Triple action algae, mildew and mold protection. Would this be safe?

  9. Thoretically could i use this same foam and cement combination to make an artifical flowing river in a giant snake terrarium for the snake to both drink out of and bathe in



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