HOW TO: Build An Aquarium 5/6

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Welcome to the Fifth part of the series: “How to build an Acrylic Aquarium ”

In this series, i will be showing exactly how to build an acrylic aquarium.
Including, but not limited to:

where to get the acrylic
how much you can expect to pay for the acrylic
how to cut it
how to design the aquarium
preparing the edges of the acrylic
putting the tank together
welding the tank together
finishing touches(rounding corners, and flame polishing)

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  1. Hey joey, just like to say I enjoy going back and watching your videos. The info you place in each is great. I’m looking to make my own filter box so I’m watching your videos and hope my wife orders your book for me. By Christmas. Again thank you for your great videos

  2. I know this is a very old video by now, but I figure advice could still be useful. Instead of using your long guide against the 2×4, you can place your fence where the router body is riding against it instead. It is much more stable

  3. I wants to prepare 36 inches L, 24 inches W, 18 inches H , so please inform me the which mm acrylic sheet I will use and what types of glue will use for it . Please suggest it

  4. I think your router is cutting slowly due to you cutting in the wrong direction.  You should cut in the direction your blade spins, which typically should be counter-clockwise..or from left to right which ever way you want to look at it.

  5. Best DIY channel just yet on YouTube. Keep up the good work buddy.
    Question: If I am building a 100 gallons tank, can the acrylic be less than 12 mm???
    And for the welding, how often does it need touching up? if at all.

  6. on a similar note, if 1/4 is too much to be removed per pass of the router you can use a small rotozip. it's basically the same as a router but smaller and the bits are only about an 1/8 or so wide

  7. your tank just made my whole idea of making my own custom turtle take come true
    i was wondering 1. what is the melting point on acrylic or more importantly can i make my basking area for my turtle with acrylic without it getting to hot and melting or not 2. i want to make about a 40 – 60 gallon tank, which would u recommend which sheet thickness i should use

  8. WOW you are the freaken man!!!I love aquariums. I can't believe I have found this!!! (you will understand later) I might seem a little weird to you right now, but trust me, you will hear from later. I am running with this. I am fascinated by this stuff…really I am.

  9. man i do really like the look of the fish tank you have its just what i want but i really wondering ,as probably most on youtube too, what about strength of whole tank and that welding acrylic tech as tbh it looks not as strong did you ever had leaks or any other prob, thanks



HOW TO: glue acrylic (welding)

HOW TO: Build An Aquarium 6/6