HOW TO: Build An Aquarium 4/6

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Welcome to the Fourth part of the series: “How to build an Acrylic Aquarium ”

In this series, i will be showing exactly how to build an acrylic aquarium.
Including, but not limited to:

where to get the acrylic
how much you can expect to pay for the acrylic
how to cut it
how to design the aquarium
preparing the edges of the acrylic
putting the tank together
welding the tank together
finishing touches(rounding corners, and flame polishing)

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  1. Isn't it necessary to apply glue first and then lean the panel against, or is the glue so liquid that it gets between the panels?… Ok, I see, you said at the end it's welding… Hm that's interesting.



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HOW TO: glue acrylic (welding)