HOW TO: Build An Aquarium 3/6

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Welcome to the Third part of the series: “How to build an Acrylic Aquarium ”

In this series, i will be showing exactly how to build an acrylic aquarium.
Including, but not limited to:

where to get the acrylic
how much you can expect to pay for the acrylic
how to cut it
how to design the aquarium
preparing the edges of the acrylic
putting the tank together
welding the tank together

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  1. If you don't want to do all the scraping you can have the edges of the panels router cut so they are ready to glue when the come to you. Cost's a little more but is worth it.

  2. The underhand grip is also a good technique for those that are struggling to scrape evenly. Use the sides of your hands as a support on the left and right while sliding against the acrylic. It gives the user more stability while scraping and it also helps prevent tipping the scraper to one side causing an uneven surface.

    I'm going to attempt this build for a 300 gallon build. I built in shelves on a 14' span of my living room wall that is just begging for an aquarium centerpiece. Thanks for your DIY instruction!

  3. Hey joey. been watching your videos for years and i have a silver arowana in my 55 gallon and plan to move him to a tank this exact size that i build myself. i will prob ask for the matirials for my bitrhday in august and i have time because the fish is only 4 inches. My question is will i need floor reinforcements for thit exact size tank (Maybe a little higher like 22 in high) for my upstairs? Anyways you are the only reason i started fishkeeping. i wanted a fish tank as something to mess around with so i got a 10 gallon. upon fingding your chanel i learned what a discus was and cool other fish (Cough Cough arowana) and now have a 55 gallon conaining my aro and discus and soon angelfish or a plecto. keep up the good work man and i hope you respond. the stand i would use for the acrylic tank i the one you just showed how to build for your new drop down tank. Thanks again ~Aidan

  4. hi joey love your vids i have made some small practise tanks be for i make a big 1. i prp the edges but still get air bubbles in the joint. what am i doing wrong pls hell me

  5. Hey how's it going, Quick question, I'm just starting out with Acrylics and cant get a straight answer from anyone. I'm hand cutting a 1/4 in thick sheet with the scribe/break method and the question is do I have to prep the edges before capillary welding ? Any help is greatly appreciated, Thanks.

  6. How do you deal with panels that are not straight? More often than not I have found my cut panels are not quite flat. I have not found a good way to hold the panel straight while the solvent is applied. So I end up with a very subtle curve. Also, lately I have come to the conclusion that the best way to do this is to leave enough extra material to flush route every panel after welding. It seems the tank manufacturers all seem to do it this way. Thanks for the vids.

  7. Thank you so much for your videos….I do have few questions on the acrylic itself:

    1. You cut your acrylic with saw blade, I assume. Can I weld acrylic cut by router? will I get a good seem?

    2. is there certain acrylic type or brand that I shouldn't use for aquariums?

    3. finally, could you please show us the method of welding using needles as separators!

    thank you so much.

  8. unfortunately i didnt watch this video before i cemented my tank together. its also 30x8x10 and the front and back are creating a bow. should i create a brace? im a little on the wary side of using it as an aquarium atm. is there a way i can email you for some help. that way i can send pics of my tanks in the making which problems i have

  9. ahh! yeah shipping is often the catch. But at lest you explain how order the precut panels to account for the thickness of the acrylic. and man 2 hours ago I had NO interest in getting much less building an aquarium but now… I may have to talk to the wife.



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