HOW TO: Build An Aquarium 2/6

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Welcome to the Second part of the series: “How to build an Acrylic Aquarium ”

In this series, i will be showing exactly how to build an acrylic aquarium.

Including, but not limited to:

where to get the acrylic
how much you can expect to pay for the acrylic
how to cut it
how to design the aquarium
preparing the edges of the acrylic
putting the tank together
welding the tank together
finishing touches(rounding corners, and flame polishing)

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  1. not sure if you still check messages on this video…but… it has inspired me to build my own tank…question is how do I figure out the dimensions for the acrylic to again a certain tank volume. I'm looking to do a 65-70 gallon tank…but I want it taller than wide.

  2. Question: lets say I want to diy a tank with the same dimentions as a std 4ft tank. Could I (if the acrylic sheet is long enough) rather heat the front corners and bend them 90deg and just weld the back panel on? Or would you recommend rather having 4 side panels?

  3. Hey Joey I know this is an old video, but why you out the top on the inside edge rather than on top of the tanks sides? Structurally wouldn't it be the same either way?
    Also if you were to euro brace, would you do it the same or could you go right in top?

    For eurobrace how would you cut the strips? 48 x 2 and 32 x 2 ?

  4. hi UaruJoey i want to do this tank for my turtles but i dont feel like the upper support would be a good idea cuz i want to put a basking area on the inside what do you suggest 

    Thank you for the helpful video 🙂 

  5. Aye joey I need yur help im seriously thinkin of building an acrylic aquarium 96x40x30 das about 660 gallons can u recommend what type of acrylic to use and how thick shud It be thanks bro big fan love the videos

  6. you never explained the engineering part to it, how do i know how thick the acrylic should be, how do i know if i need supports? you need to explain this, or it can be dangerous if your tank exploads when people passing

  7. I am going to follow your instructions and attempt my first build. For a 60-75 gal tank what thickness of material? Is 12mm or 1/2 inch the standard or is that just for larger tanks?

  8. I'm planning to built a tank 53" long and 29" high and wide and wanted to use 15mm acrylic is that thick enough as i wanted to brace the pool with just a stripe of 3" wide same thickness acrylic?



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