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Welcome to the first part of the series: “How to build an Acrylic Aquarium ”


In this series, i will be showing exactly how to build an acrylic aquarium. You will also know what is needed to build an acrylic aquarium.
Including, but not limited to:

where to get the acrylic
how much you can expect to pay for the acrylic
how to cut it
how to design the aquarium
preparing the edges of the acrylic
putting the tank together
welding the tank together
finishing touches(rounding corners, and flame polishing)

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  1. Watching your videos with a new set of eyes since your video about your past. Completely new set of eyes but at the same time an incredible amount of new love for you.

  2. Hi Joey, I've been a subscriber for approximately 2 years. This is an easy question. After 5 tanks, I now need a 300g. I'm really motivated now to do it myself, that's why I've gone back in time, lol, to watch these vids you've done. Using 3/4 or 1" acrylic, I'm uncertain about using capillary or pin method for cementing? Any suggestions?

  3. From the prices I saw, it looks like making your own tank is more cost effective if its a really big tank that would cost you a lot otherwise. I was thinking about making an enclosure for my royal python, but he dosent need a HUGE tank, so it would be cheaper for me to just get him an exo terra. I do keep fish though and would love to have a really big reef tank someday, so I still love the video and thank you for the info.

  4. Joey, I am looking into getting a new tank. I own an 8 gallon nano, 45 and a 20 long now. I'm looking for either a 90,120,125 or 180. I owned a 125 for 3 months about 20 years ago but knew nothing about fish tanks and all I had then was an air stone and broke all the stocking rules. I know my current tanks require slightly different care. What do I need to know about larger tanks, did you do a video on larger tank care?

  5. Wow. I'm new to the fish keeping and the tanking hobby. I've been watching many of your videos and I always like to go back to old videos from established YouTube content creators. You've improved quite a bit in your speech, conveying the message, and editing! Great job, Joey!

  6. Can you recommend a reputable acrylic vendor in the United States with good pricing? Does EM plastics ship to the United States?? I'm located near Milwaukee, Wisconsin. USA

  7. Hi,
    I wanted your help. I am constructing an acrylic tank as you shown in the video but i am unable to find weld on 4 and 16 in my region. I cannot ship it either from amazon and ebay. Can you tell me what glue can i use in order to bond the tank?

  8. Hello, I'm in the east coast of Canada where exactly would this shop be and what is the link to their website? thank you

  9. I'm building a 300+ gallon at 72x30x30. Should I use the 1/2" or go with 3/4" thickness? And if I have to use the 3/4" should I use the pin method to weld it? Thanks and I hope to hear from you. Love our vids.



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