HOW TO: Build a very simple aquarium filter

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This video shows how to build a very simple aquarium filter. This DIY aquarium filter is most valuable in a QT tank, hospital tank, or used during a power outage. This filter is an internal box filter type of filtration. Not to mention, not only is this filter effective and very useful, but it is also very cheap. You should have most supplies on hand at any given time to have an extra filter like this one available when needed. Very useful as an “emergency” filter.

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  1. Ok, I'd like to make one of these for my 36 gallon tank, But i'm not sure how much water this filter will cycle. Is there any way for me to find out how many of these… or if i'd need a 1 liter bottle of this stuff to filter that 36 gallon tank permanently?

  2. I made some for my tanks and hooked it up to a 18w 6 split air pump and they each have an air regulator to adjust amount of air and also hooked it up to an ups 1080ma APC and it gives me 4 hours of back up incase a black out and I am not home.

  3. Hi! I just made two of these and hooked them up… but I’m not sure they’re working (sucking in any water). It kinda seems like air is just flowing through it. Suggestions anyone?

  4. Great tutorial easy to follow I would like to teach my aquarium Club how to make these filters for a charity project we would like to make fish tanks for people who are shut ins so my question is where in the world can you get those suction cups in bulk for inexpensive I can only find them for sale one or two at a time if anyone has a link where these can be found in bulk please share it thank you

  5. Hi, so I am starting a very small outdoor guppy pond (more like a puddle) and I am trying to find a suitable filter for it… I can’t purchase pond filters because they are way too big. I can’t purchase aquarium filters because the cords aren’t water proof. I was wondering if I could run the tube from outside into the garage and then the cord would be in the garage and not exposed to rain… would this work? Would this filter be suitable?
    Thanks in advance



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