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  1. This is awesome..about to build a 55 gal sump and did not want to go the silicone route and seeing this build by you just made ut easier and wayyy cheaper

  2. I want to convert is it 280 L it has a filter built into the tank I was wondering put a fish tank underneath the cupboard down below taking the lid off my filter things ais a fuvlum 06 or 07 I don’t know. Letting the tubes dangle into the new stamp will this work will be watching lots a lot of your videos as I’m new to salt water world and absolutely loving it.

  3. To skin a cat refers to the skin a catfish, as many people do not like to eat the skin of catfish, many different ways have been created in order to scan catfish, the original saying is more than one way to skid a catfish.

  4. Can someone tell me where I can find this stackable drawer storage that Joey used. The only drawers I can find have a frame that does not come apart. I need the one where the frame unsnaps.

  5. Before I go out and do this, is there a newer video or update to an easier or better system. Also, can you please provide a Detailed listed of what would be needed from a Home Depot run. So I can go shopping to build one.

    Please and ty

  6. Can someone help me. I just got this sump for 240 g. I dont know,what I'm doing. No instructions. Can someone please help. There is no videos!!! That black box on the back is making alot of noise…like a drain circling. has sit here for 3 mths and I'm beside myself

  7. All the people who think Joey in 'hyper' in these comments… do you guys live almost comatose? He's just happy and enthusiastic. If this video talk is too fast for you, you must have 3-toed Sloth in your genes, man.


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