HOW TO: Build a saltwater aquarium stand

How to build an aquarium stand! A simply, easy and cost effective way to build a stand, yet keep it looking good! Today, we build the stand for the Reef Crest AIO drop off aquarium!

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  1. Any thought on a end table aquarium stand. Like this ped stand, would it be nice to have a place for drinks while sitting on the couch. 😉 Planning mine out now.

  2. I think a low tech planted shrimp would be cool, build some rocks on the drop off with Java Moss between the cacks then put root stems creeping downward on the bottom where you can do glosso as a carpet and throw in some red cherry shrimp.

  3. I am wondering about how your stand will hold when you or your aquarium starts dripping (salt) water onto the wood of the stand, especially the MDF….I hear not any mention of this. Just wondering.

  4. I still don't get the mdf cuts. Do you cut them all a bit bigger than the stand frame?? and do all 4 mdf peieces be cut the same size 2 smaller than other 2..

  5. I was just wondering, have you done any video's modifying an existing cabinet to support a tank. Just purchased a 300litre aquarium on it's own and i'm looking to strengthen it without effecting where the sump goes.

  6. I think you should do a sps reef. you can get easy to keep sps such as montipora ,birds nest ,pocillopora or even some acros. you could light it with a kessil and put a small skimmer in the back… I'm getting to into this haha.

  7. marine and reef is the best.i was into freshwater for 10 years and im 1 1/2 into my reefing and im never doing freshwater again,will you be adding a sump down below ?

  8. You need to make that stand and sell it… 😛 That actually is a better looking stand than what even some major aquarium stand makes sell… I'd give you 3 Thumbs Up if I had the 3rd one… but for now, 2 Thumbs Up… 😛

  9. I just notice that for some reason I wasn't sub to you. I've notice this has happen to me with other members before don't know why anyway I'm back sub to you.
    Nice stand bailsman very neat looking.

  10. So, I did some research about this tank. The salt water versions just don't look as visually stimulating as the freshwater because of the lack of plants, in my opinion.



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