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In today’s video, I’m going to show you how to build a protein skimmer for a saltwater aquarium.
A protein skimmer removes waste products or basically any decaying organic matter in a fish tank before it has the opportunity to break down and lower water quality.
It does this by passing water through a skimmer, dissolved organic compounds in the water attach to the bubbles the skimmer produces. As the air bubbles rise, so do the organics now attached to the bubbles. The organics are then collected in a cup at the top of the skimmer and removed from the system.


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  1. Of course these work in FW. Ask FW pond owners/ builders as well as large public aquariums with a FW display. Better to DIY though as these devices are way overpriced.

  2. Anyway to make a nano skimmer that hangs of back totally and dossnt have to be in tank taking up space or in a sump. I am thinking of buying a used tank with a canopy Do you think a hang on back can be hidden under the canopy somehow in back I also have a small 10 gallon I want to make this for any container you can think of that I could use to make it narrower!?

  3. Hey! Watching this in 2019… One of the things that stopped me on going with a larger saltwater tank is the machinery needed to keep it running properly.

    But after been introduced to your channel it is simply awesome, I am starting the 100gl tank this week after checking most of your videos for filtration and this one.

    Quick question, after 5 years, the recommendation on using wooden air stone stills the same for this Protein Skimmer project? Are they better than ceramic air stones?

    Regards from Costa Rica.

  4. Where do you get 2" schedule 20 PVC pipe? Literally nobody within a 50 mile radius of me carries that. Is there anything I can use to substitute? Also, is it 2" ID or OD???



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