HOW TO: build a Plywood Aquarium TUTORIAL

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I used Zavlar by liquid rubber for my actual build.

I have recently heard some people having some issues with aquaguard. Saying it is too watery. So don’t use it.

I originally mentioned AquaGuard in the build so U.S viewers would be able to use liquid rubber as well.

While AquaGuard is still a liquid rubber, and safe to use. It is not practical for a plywood tank like i had thought it would be.

For U.S viewers, look for pond coat! Made by liquid rubber, and is the exact same thing i used, just a different name(licensed under Liquid Rubber)

Find a liquid rubber dealer near you:

This product is good for both fresh and saltwater aquariums.

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  1. umm…Good video…i'm in for trying it this summer…Just few questions…the kind of plywood-it's thickness, the glass panel thickness…& if it's possible to make more than one side with glass. Can i have three glass panel view? front & two sides?

  2. Hello Joey I have been looking for plywood tanks made with drylok and I have found a few but not a whole lot of info on how to make them. can you help us out with this. the liquid rubbers and such are getting harder to find and when you do you always have to order them. Drylok can be readily available at any time.thank you Doug

  3. me and my friend are building a roughly 40 gallon tank, we are going to order 1 gallon of liquid rubber. I believe it should be enough to cover my the tank and make it completely waterproof, you said in the video that you had 6 coats. does 1 heavy coat work if thats all I would have to make sure its waterproof?  I plan on testing it outside for leaks before it goes into my room because it is my first tank build. Also we were going to try to find some acrylic sheets for the front, im wanting some about half an inch think or a little under, also we are trying to do this cheap because we are only freshmen in highschool. Anyways, hopefully you read this and have some tips for me! Thank you.

  4. Love your videos, they are all very helpful. I'm curious how the liquid rubber might hold up in a planted tank using dirt as a substrate, and would I use the same thickness plywood that should be used for an acrylic tank the same size?



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