HOW TO: Build a plywood aquarium | Part 6 | FINAL TUTORIAL

How to build a plywood aquarium! The final video the the 370 gallon plywood tank build!

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Building the plywood tank:
Water proofing the plywood tank:
Installing brace and glass:
Building the stand:
Filtration, plumbing and light:

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  1. Good for DIY but not good for fish which have too small a water volume for them to be happy, aquarium without decoration, lifeless which does not reflect the natural environment of a very sad fish …
    Bien pour le DIY mais pas bien pour le poisson qui a un volume d'eau trop petit pour qu'il soit heureux , aquarium sans décoration , sans vie qui ne reflète pas le milieu naturel d'un poisson bien triste …

  2. im late to this channel but man your very talented really broke things down for someone who might want to try this which i may do..thanks for sharing ill be following

  3. I am really impressed. I can think of many shape ideas. A tank that is an L shape projecting into a room or a U shaped tank that has viewing in 2 rooms. Oh the possibilities. How many labor hours did you spend on the project? You have inspired me. Thank you.

  4. A lot of thing your fish was doing mine is doing the same, my koi is real skittish and she spooks when I am to close to her. She is in about an 80 gallon tank and I think it might be to small for her. I have never heard of a wood aquarium… makes a lot of sense to me as far as being cost effective.

  5. Damn near $1000… It's sad this is considered "cheap". I built an entire sunroom/lean-to 16' by 18' by 8' tall greenhouse treated wood and all for less than $300. Then again, I'd do things a little differently than you. I hate to be critical, but like so many other people in the aquarium hobby who makes videos on how to do things cheap, you still do things like a middle class man with a fair bit of disposable income.

  6. just a ??

    Did you resolve the sound issue on the water cycling from tank to filter? did you consider sound proofing wrap around pipes?

  7. Great job. I would have never thought about plywood as a means to hold water, but it makes sense. Thanks for the video series on this.



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