HOW TO: Build a plywood aquarium | Part 5 | Filter, plumbing and lighting TUTORIAL

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In this episode on how to build a plywood aquarium, I show you how I built the aquarium filtration, plumbing and lighting.

Building the plywood tank:
Water proofing the plywood tank:
Installing brace and glass:
Building the stand:


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  1. Joey you may laugh at yourself back in the day, you were very relatable, very capable and you gave many of your followers, the confidence they needed to do what you did. Great project!!

  2. nearly 4 1/2 years later.. what ever happened to this tank.. I don't see it in any
    of your videos. Great idea for those of us with lots of space in the basement but very little space to get a big tank down there.

  3. Not sealing them holes is asking for trouble.., it may not leak because of the seal on the outside…, but if there is the "tiniest" leak on the inside hole the tank "will" fail.., at least wipe the inside with some silicone over the bare wood.



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