HOW TO: Build a plywood aquarium | Part 4 | Building the stand TUTORIAL

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In this episode on how to build a plywood aquarium, I show you how I built the aquarium stand and finished the tank.

Building the plywood tank:
Water proofing the plywood tank:
Installing brace and glass:


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  1. No stores out there will never overbuilt this way. Not saying its not good. Its very good but way overbuilt. Most store fish tank stand construct with plywood support instead of 2×4 or 2×6. Looks better and enough to support the tank fill with water. Of course that build is not stronger than this but no fish store build this way for cost effective.

  2. I have quite a lot of different pieces of ash wood I saved from when we were flooded in Harvey. I would have never dreamed of a wood aquarium but You just gave me a use for it. I have a butterfly koi I have had for over 3 years now. My dad got her for me after I lost 5 of the 7 gold fish and koi I had. She is about 16 or more inches long and growing. Her name is Baby. She needs a good home to show off how beautiful she is. I love showing her off on my Facebook.



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