HOW TO: Build a plywood aquarium | Part 3 | Installing glass and brace TUTORIAL

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In this portion on how to build a plywood aquarium, i show you how i installed the glass viewing panel and the bracing system.

Building the plywood tank:
Water proofing the plywood tank:
Building the stand:


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  1. I am building a wooden tank 72” L x 30” W x 30” H my only viewing panel will be 20 x 66 based on my calculations 1/2” tempered glass should be sufficient .. anyone have any input would be greatly appreciated

  2. There is easier ways to do this with fiberglass and resin, similar process painting it with clear resin and fiberglass then paint colour ,big plus is if you do it within 24 hours no need to sand!
    I do appreciate this video but you can do it easier and better!
    Ps Look into fiberglass tutorials

  3. Rock on! DUDE…

    VERY Encouraging. The DIY bids I've watched the past couple days have given me a better perspective in life.

    It's been rough the past couple months. Thanks for the inspiration.

  4. I was totally going to do this. But astheticly those glass braces in the viewing window just.. looses the effects.
    I guess it would come down to how $ and thick the glass would have to be..
    Same as acrylic?

    How can I do this without those braces

  5. I know it doesn't make sense to post this to THIS video but I just walked to get water here at work and saw the pads that go on the bottom of floor buffers. Wouldn't they work great as filter media, especially in bucket-style filters since they are round? They make all kinds of pads and they make be cheaper than buying from a LFS

  6. Fiberglass the seams first, then coat over it and the walls all as 1 coat.

    Saves you the step of sanding the already coated bottom and sides as well as assures even if you were not perfect on mixing or application that there is no path for the water to get between the top layer and your fiberglass or the fiberglass and the seam.

    On a larger tank than this I would run a stainless threaded rod through the top and washer/nut on the outside and inside on the front and back. Sealing on the inside with epoxy

    On larger tanks than this you risk the chance of the pressure ripping those screws out of the wood, the front bowing and eventually breaking the seal on the front glass

    Also remember to drill any returns and overflows before these steps. To assure complete waterproofing.

    Surprised not to see any on this project done before waterproofing



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