HOW TO: Build a plywood aquarium | Part 2 | Water proofing TUTORIAL

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How to build a plywood aquarium. Sounds fishy right? Building a wooden tank? Have no fear… I will show you how to build a plywood aquarium, while keeping it affordable, simple, LOOK GREAT and what i like to call: Bullet proof.

This is part 2 of a 6 part build. In this video I show you how to water proof the plywood aquarium.

Part 1:
Part 3:
Part 4:

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  1. This is what i have been looking for! I have been trying to find a product to use for a reptile Vivarium that i have been designing. Part of it will have a waterfall with a pool of water. So this helps a lot to ensure a water surface.

  2. I want my air uplift tubes to disappear into the aquariums BLACK background, would it be safe to cover the tubes and fittings in a coat of INDELIBLE INK using Sharpie Pen?

  3. Hi , I cant find the coating you use. Can I use the following for the plywood inner liner Kit contains: 1kg polyester resin, 39in x 50in fiberglass 300gsm Chopped strand mat, 50ml accelerator, 50 ml catalyst, 2×1" brushes, 2 large mixing cups, 2 mixing sticks and 2 pairs of nitrile gloves, 3 sandpapers (1 each of 80grit, 150 grit, 220 grit). TIA

  4. You should do your seems first, which makes the bond more water tight bonding to the wood and it makes working in the area easier. Painting pro tip.
    Edit: plus second pass will be a more seamless coat.



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