HOW TO: Build a plywood aquarium | Part 1 | Building the tank TUTORIAL

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How to build a plywood aquarium. Sounds fishy right? Building a wooden tank? Have no fear… I will show you how to build a plywood aquarium, while keeping it affordable, simple, LOOK GREAT and what i like to call: Bullet proof.

This is part 1 of a 6 part build. In this video I show you how I built the tank itself. The shell of the tank came first.

Part 2:


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  1. The reason i never heard about a plywood aquarium fail is that i never heard of a plywood aquarium period. So that statement aint fair in any sense of the word based on the relatively few examples out there compared to glass or acrylic…

    Its kinda like saying how often have you heard about a cardboard spaceshuttle fail? Both are unheard of to me and im sure not the only one.

    I am interested in this however but that statement alone proves nothing.

  2. sir I'm needing to build an aquarium for turtles , store bough ones don't last cause they dig the caulking ( seal ) out , and was wondering if you think this would work for them or should i go fiberglass

  3. I know this is an old video but would this same process work for a 600g build? 8' long 4' wide 30" tall. Would I be able to get away with framing it in plywood like you did (the bracing on the outside is what im talking about)

  4. Nice…..I'm thinking of turning over my 30x30x30 dinning table made out of wood….and well that will be my frame….remove the glass out of my 55gallon…fallow your steps…and boom….hehehe 123

  5. 5 years later. Is this tank still going strong? Is this the same tank you covered with Styrofoam that looked like Bricks? You should be Syndicated. I would watch every episode faithfully. You are truly the official King of DIY.



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