How to build a nano aquarium. What should we do with it?
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  1. Only king of diy calls a 15 gallon a nano tank😂🤭😏. To me 15 gallon is not the biggest but still kinda big but that is a stream compare to his lakes in his fishroom.😂

  2. Hi, When removing the pins and some of the softened acrylic squeezes out, then you will be routing the edges on the outside and making the edges perfect. But what about the inside of the joint, how do you remove and make those inside corners perfect ?

  3. Hi, i know this is an old video but i have question.. if im about to make a 20x20x30 acrylic tank… is a 3mm thick acrylic will do juat fine? Or should i go thicker? And about the glue sould i use sealant again? I want the tank look clean from that silicone glue at the edge…

  4. Hi,

    Could the sides of the acrylic sheets to be cut in 45 degree angle and then cemented together? Would the seams look more less visible?

    Could you make a test and share it with us?

  5. When cleaning the outside of an acrylic aquarium can I use a microfibres cloth to prevent scratches. If not, what can I use that won't scratch the acrylic. Also, since acrylic is very easily scratched isn't there a clear film that you can stick to the acrylic.

  6. I know it has been a while and this tank is occupied for now but I'd like to put in my vote for stocking. Go for a single Figure 8 Puffer and 3-5 Bumble Bee Goby.

    You can start with the Figure 8 in freshwater and convert it to brackish then add the Gobies. It would be cool to see that progression.

  7. Hey I just had a question, I watch almost all ur video I started with a 10 gallon to a 30 now a 75 because u inspire me with everything you do, and the question is I would love something u did and was wondering if you would sell me this 15 gallon when ever you have no need for it and want to free up some space

  8. Hi Joey! I am very interested in building my own acrylic aquarium! Nothing huge, actually, my first one(s) would be under 5 gallons and the largest I'd like to put together might be 30 gallons. How can I calculate the thickness of acrylic needed to contain the mass of the water? Do you have any suggestions? Love your videos! Keep up the great work!




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