HOW TO: Build a large aquarium stand STACKED

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In last weeks video we built a pair of 200 gallon acrylic aquariums.

In this video, we are going to build the stand to hold both of these tanks.


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  1. Unfortunately do to where the support is in relation to the load bearing weight, I can not see any of it on the corners. All the weight is shifted off the corners and now placed on the support joists of the stand. Thanks for the video and realy hope there is a better way to stack the tanks.

  2. Tough stand Joey. I was like woh this is huge when you started to get that second level on, btw that was a lil funny. Too bad Eye of the Tiger is copyrighted 😛 Really like that squaring jigs you were using. Will definitely have to get me some of those. I never knew they had they for timber. I suppose its only logical. Great work man! can't wait for the fish/man cave 😉 lol, thats what I reckon you're building anyways.

  3. Hey there Joey (Love your videos.), I am planning on building a stand for a 6' tank and was thinking of using 2×6" supports. Would they be strong enough to not to have a center brace? I had built a previous 6' rack from your design, a couple of years ago, from 2x4s and it has held up great. However, for this rack, I would like to access the lower shelf for more aquariums without the brace. I found a related video about a similar build.


    Also if I wanted it longer to support some shelving by 10-12 " could I still use the same type design and put the supporting braces close to the tank corners but have them extend out? As in your Video, it looked like you had 19" divided evenly on each end so the tank would have a full view.

    Any feedback would be helpful. Thanks!



HOW TO: Build large acrylic aquariums

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