HOW TO: Build a large aquarium overflow weir

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  1. All your videos show a bottom drilled tank with a stand pipe. Is there a specific advantage of a bottom drilled tank? Why not just drill at the back at the required height?

  2. HEY one question.
    My aquarium is made out of glass and its reallllyyy heavy.

    I see you all work with acryl glass, well i buyed this aswell to try out but not any silicone glue holds its togeder its like its slips off the surface of the acryl.

    what du you use in your video? diffrent type of Acryl?

  3. would you recommend using an overflow like this or the smaller box style? I can't decide whether to build an overflow that runs from the bottom to the top of the tank or if one of the off the shelf overflow boxes will work. Need any input I can get. Thanks!

  4. I need help with my weir. it's backing up and I think it's because there's not enough space between pipes. I left messages on Facebook with pics on this same video. Thanks!



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