HOW TO: Build A Large Aquarium 6/6

HOW TO: Build A Large Aquarium 6/6

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This is my sixth and final video of a 6 part series on how to build a large aquarium.


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  1. I had to watch this video… Again! Probably my favourite tank that you’ve made and would love to get the opportunity to do a similar tank myself when I one day get the room to. I really think you should look at doing this again in the gallery, maybe replace the 375? Would be a great entrance tank to the gallery!

  2. I totally loved this series, and I'm thinking if doing something like. I'm a water engineer, and the way you filter the water is actually very similar to what's going on at waste water treatment plants. Clever design.

    I want the aquarium in my living room though. Why hide it away in the basement?

    Did you attach the blocks to the floor to keep them in place?

    Also I like the idea with the LED lights, only problem is that it might not work out for me in the living room, so I'll have to work out a design to both cover the top of the aquarium and allow me to mount LED lights.

  3. I wanted to ask : how are you going to ventilate your basement from all that humidity so fungus doesn't grow and the wood in your plumbing room doesn't rot ? This is the reason that people with grow ops ruin their houses — and this is only plants, you have 450 gallons of water down there. hee, hee, you didn't think of that did you ?

  4. Im not sure if anyone has already question you this, but wouldn't the thickness of glass aquarium could only support as much water as the glass is made to support? Since the higher the water volume in the tank, the thicker glass you will need? For example, the front 72" front glass panel of a 110gal(6mm) will be thinner than a 72" 180gal(10mm) front glass panel, that is because the more volume water the thicker the glass is required? So my question is, how did you make these glass panel support this new customized tank since the water volume is so much different? I hope my question is understandable.

  5. I feel retarded to ask you this since im to lazy to do the research and the answer isnt in the description. How much gallon or liters does it hold??

  6. It was a great video and I am planning to build a tank like yours but I really wish you could have shown you building it because it is kind of hard to understand how you siliconed it together.

  7. Awe man this build is insane a lot of idea's I thought I was doing the thing I have two 55 gallon tanks I'm thinking about converting one of my bedrooms into a fish room and just start going crazy with some tanks …… I'm scared to do salt water but saw some of your videos you make it look extremely easy thanks bro……

  8. dang it…. had a budget of 1,500$. After gathering the materials, my brother and dad and I started to make it, almost finished. We started looking for the fish we wanted… My money dropped after the tank. We have a 50$ budget left to buy fish… my dad said he'd buy half of the fish, so the rest is gonna have to be saved for… really wanted mass neon tetras 🙁 

  9. You are so awesome dude! I have always wanted a huge aquarium at my house and now I actually feel comfortable doing it myself and its going to be AWESOME!!!! 

  10. I can tell you this, I have learned so much!  I have just purchased a 200 gallon aquarium and am eager to get it running for my fish.  my latest tank is a 65 gallon tall so its a big jump into the 200 gallon arena I love the k1 media idea it seems so simple

  11. @Joey Mullen  Hey UaruJoey! How much does electric does it take to power that tank per month? Is the upkeep costly?

    Love your vids btw! Keep it up!

  12. I'm about to make a canister filter, after watching your video. However, can you tell me what pvc you use, and what caulk / silocone you use? Brand names would be a great help since there are so many kinds out there. Thanks

  13. this is grate 
    i have an aquarium under construction 24 m2 in saudi arabia and really needing your help in that , contact you by email


HOW TO: Build A Large Aquarium 5/6

HOW TO: Build A Large Aquarium 5/6

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