HOW TO: Build A Large Aquarium 5/6

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This is my fifth video of a part series on how to build a large aquarium.


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  1. Wonderful series on making a large tank. Thank you for all your videos. One question or idea: would triangle pieces in the corners work for bracing? There would be no overlap and might be stronger.

  2. Hello would u be willing to help me out? My husband is currently serving over seas and I would love to build him an epic tank before he returns please contact me I have a few questions

  3. Wouldn't a fluidized bed filter work well for marine particularly fish only? I currently run wet dry and live them. Looking to do a 650 gallon diy build. I know Steve Bashea makes a bioreactor with a fluidized media.

  4. would love to see an update on how to make a low cost filtration system for a tank this size, but was significantly quieter. I'd like to do a tank like this, but I need the filtration in the same room as the tank

  5. you are simply amazing Joey. Love your videos. Can you please, in your upcoming videos, throw some light on the heating system. I see you here deployed the heater along with the filter system and pumped the heated water back to the tank. Most people put the heaters in the tank itself. I am confused which is the efficient fashion. Also, how did you make sure that the tank's water stays at a given temperature?

  6. Hi joey I'm from the UK and was interested to know what air pump did you us for the k1 and also to save me drilling a hole in the bottom of my aquarium is it possible to have a pump to pump the water out and a pump to pump it back in from the heater barrel? Many thanks and keep up the great work.

  7. Hi Joey,

    Like the video but for a newcomer to DIY, you're not really showing us how to build the filter however you talking about you did…. I would find it more useful if you broke it down and showed us how to build the filter for ourselves

  8. Hey joey, I would like to make this for a 150 gallon cichlid tank. Would rubbermaid brute trash cans work? I think they're 32 gallon cans. Also, do you think the water coming in directly across from the middle tube let's the water travel to the heating barrel before it contacts much of the k1?

  9. I am going to build this tank but I kind of got mad when you said 40$ dollar filtration system but it is actually 340 with the pump. By the way most people dont have 300 dollar pumps lying around.

  10. Hey Joey I'm thinking of building a similar aquarium out of two old tanks I have, difference being is that my glass pieces will be 48X21 since two are coming from an old 55 and two others are coming from an old 75.  My question is instead of doing the glass bracing around the top couldn't I use 2×4 or 2×2 wood like you did on the bottom and forget about the glass?  I'd have to trim it off later but wouldn't that provide the same amount of structural support for the upper part of the tank as the glass bracing?

  11. would you really need to do that many water changes with such a good filter system?
    also where does that filter media come from is that what it's made for or is it adopted from some other application?

  12. Hi Joey! Love your videos! I have a question. I am planning on building a 210g plywood aquarium. I would like to drill holes for a 6 jet undergravel jet system. Plus a 1 out/intake holes for my sump. Do you think this can be done safely without the bottom failing? Or what would you recommend? Thanks!

  13. Thanks for all your advice! I plan to replicate this system on about a 1/5 scale for my 115 gallon build in process. (125 gallon, 1/2" thick with 5/8" thick bottom, 6' x 2' x 18" cut down to 5'5" to remove damaged edges of the front and back for $30 by ABC glass in Oregon City) I have some 15 gallon blue barrels used for liquid malt extract from my local homebrew shop. I will likely cut them down to the 13 gallon mark. How much K1 should I use? I don't know how many fish I will have, but some Bala Sharks, Kissing Gourami, Pleco, Jack Dempseys, etc. What kind of flow rate? How much air? I am below your level of understanding with the calculations.  Thanks again!

  14. I love the use of the drum for the k1 reactor. You don't run into problems having the overflow plumbing needing to travel uphill to the top of the drum though? I always assumed the water exiting the tank should never have to travel uphill but your flow seems really good. Any tips for achieving that?

  15. what type of barrels are those i didnt understand and where can i get them ..and can you give me a location to find that pump you have and the name of it thank you 

  16. I would suggest having a valve at any tri-union. I noted that your pump inlet tri-union doesn't have a ball valve, which means the heating barrel would need to be drained to remove/service the pump.

    That notwithstanding, excellent build.

  17. Going to be following you video's to do my 400 gallon build. Only question is what pump do you recommend? I don't need the cheapest but defiantly don't want to completely drain the bank considering I am doing DIY build to save money.

  18. Thank you so much for this series! Instead of getting rid of my old 55g and 75g tanks for dirt cheap I'm now going to try and do a similar design to yours except with 48" sides.

  19. If the overflow to filter is gravity fed, does that mean your filters are located lower than your tank because it doesn't seem so in the view. It's strange to me as it seems the water flows upward somehow after it passes through the wall.

  20. Didn't look like you put pond armor inside the holes you drilled for the standpipes. Water should never touch that area since you have the gasket from the bulkhead in place, but just want to get your opinion.



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