HOW TO: Build A Large Aquarium 4/6

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This is my forth video of a part series on how to build a large aquarium.


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  1. Have a question for you. In the past I've told you about the aquarium I'm building… 11' long x 4' tall depth is 5' viewing window will be 10' x 3'. With a 6" lap all away around. How thick should my glass be…. minimum?? Please let me know.

  2. good day joey. I recently had an aquarium built with some scrap glass I won. it measures 6.5ft long 3.5 ft wide and almost 4 feet high (it's very tall) what's the best way to brace this tank?

  3. This is the coolest tank I've seen. You're pretty comprehensive for a complete begginer to listen to. At least your presentation skills allow for the whole of it to be entertaining.



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