HOW TO: Build A Large Aquarium 3/6

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This is my third video of a part series on how to build a large aquarium.


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  1. You can clean up drips with most epoxy products by using denatured alcohol… BEFORE it dries. You might also want to look into a product called "Stonecoat Countertops". It's waterproof and food safe but you'd have to check to see if it's fish safe. The advantage is that you can do any kind of design in paint then put clear or tinted stonecoat over it. You can also add glitter and certain other things. Or you can make it a solid color, just like the pond sheild. Just gives more options. It's used for countertops, showers and floors. I'm sure it will work for aquariums but as I said you'd have to check and make sure it's fish safe.

  2. okay question Joey, I have a 72 x 24 x 24 1" Acrylic 4 walls saltwater tank,I used weld on 4 for the joints and 16 on the four corners like silicone for added support. I designed this so i would get 4 cuts from a 4×8 sheet. So problem is i am short the bottom panel. As we know you cant put water in tank with out a bottom lol how do i join the ply wood to acrylic? no one online seems to have an answer of how to get it water tight ? can i get a acrylic screws and predrill 30 holes from the ply n the bottom of the acrylic and fasten them in with weld on 4 ? or would it be cheaper to buy a 1/2 sheet for the base .. I need your help my friend .. AWESOME JOB … your videos are good man .. you know your stuff

  3. I know this an old vid man. But I am planning on making my fish room. I don't like my tanks on top of each other because to me it looks ugly I want to have them to be side by side. So I am going to use this technique. I have a question about the cinder blocks. Because I live in CA (Bay Area: Northern) which is earthquake central I want to know if I should cement glue the cinders. I need two on each side because my tanks have canister filters. so I need to have it under it and one wont do it.  If our house moves will the cinder blocks also move are will the weigh of thank keep that from happening. Iv notice with small earthquakes some stuff moves and some don't.

  4. Hi DIY King,
    I have watched many of your videos, excellent for new people who are into aquarium as hobby. I had a pond like aquarium in my childhood although it was rarely maintained with filters, minerals n stuffs like that we had good number of fishes in it but later the concrete cracked and water drained out of it and our family decided to drop that idea(it was there for about 10 years). Now I am planning to build a big all glass aquarium which is about 65in*45in*30in tank. I am watching a lot of videos (watched all 6 parts of ur 6feet*6feet plywood bottom tank) but I would like to get specifics for my tank.
    1) I wouldn't be able to buy used toughened glass. Do I need 12mm toughened glass/19mm/15mmfor base? will it with stand all the pressure n things( I could apply some polystyrene or Styrofoam sheet below)
    2) what about side/walls of tank(glass type)?
    3)I am going to do a planted aquarium with small fishes preferably like guppies n cherry shrimps, some safe snails n some thing like those things but main idea is the beauty of a natural habitat with lots of plants and good verity of Moses which we could almost feel through the glass.
    4)May be one or two big safe fishes( which i really dont know, all are known to be unsafe for small creatures).
    5)The main reason for glass bottom is that i dont think pond armor is available in my country.
    6)what kind of bracing is required? ( I am planning for a simple bracing on top with 3 glass sheets on top. two at the edges and one at the center. )
    7) I dont think I could DIY a filter. Probably buy a cheap but good at my local place.
    8) Sorry for bad english. I am not good at it.

  5. I have a question about the weight. Given your knowledge of the type and amount of wood used and your experience with acrylic, would you say that the total weight of this wooden base equalled more, or less than a like-sized pane of acrylic?

  6. My experience with epoxy-coated wood was that in time, micro-cracks would develop in the coating, and the wood would change color here and there. I wonder about the longevity of plywood in these conditions. Any comment, three years on?



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