HOW TO: Build A Large Aquarium 2/6

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This is my second video of a part series on how to build a large aquarium.


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  1. you can use a 3 way switch to change the lights between the timer and a constant power source in case you need the light on during off hours. it's a really nice feature to have so you don't have to mess with the timer

  2. You're one of the few people who can post good videos and actually answer questions. I click your adds a lot so you can make money. Just wondering, where did you get the cinder blocks?

  3. 3w leds actually run around 2.2w each the only bonus to dimming them is that the higher wattage leds run more efficiently at lower wattages than do leds of the same wattage comparable to what the higher ones are dimmed to.

  4. yours is helping me figure out how im going to reiforce my shed for what if every thing goes right turn in to a rose anemony cultivation fucility the floor and the cost are the hardest things for me right know

  5. Your doing a great job, it's kind of like waiting for the next Breaking Bad ๐Ÿ™‚
    Will have to visit the DIY about the LED'S. I hope there easy to make, because they can be a little pricey up front buying them in the store, but they win the long race. Did you use construction adhesive on the blocks ?
    Did you just center the lights over the lines on the floor ?
    How did you figure how high to hang them ?
    Will look for vid #3
    Keep them coming.

  6. Hi quick question, Im also doing a cinder block stand my tank is 330 gallon but the footprint is only 5ft x 2.5ft what spacing would you recommend? great videos.

  7. great vid, the lights add up quickly. LED's aren't really that cheap even in DIY. Its the customizing you can do that makes it worth it too me.

  8. I think what I like best about your videos is that you do the "HowTo" part, but you also take the time to explain the "Why'd he do that" part.
    With so many videos, I want to stop "genius creator" in the middle of creating his brand-new what-sit and ask him "why that way, why not this way?" Genius creator, of course, never answers his comments!
    You, on the other hand, give very comprehensive [and comprehensible] instructions. And your Canadianisms just make it fun listening to you [yez?]



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