HOW TO: Build A Large Aquarium 1/6

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This is my first video of a part series on how to build a large aquarium.


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  1. Hey Joey, I just saw all of the BS you've been dealing with lately, which makes my dilemma a little more problematic. I was hoping to get in touch with you, about a tank build that has me ready to throw my glass over a cliff. I Would love to talk with you sometime if you have time. As for the trolls, F them! Only people with nothing going on in their lives have the time to do stuff like that.
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  2. Sweet build and system ive raised fish as a hobby for Over 35 years my largest tank to date. Was a 2 piece tank of 250 gallons total it was. Acrylic and i got it for free because a freind of mines Dad got it for free as a part of a remodel then my freinds wife didn’t. Want. It any longer in the decor so all i had to do was remove the 2 tanks and all of the components by a certain time frame i say was because of a medical condition i had to leave the tanks in a residence i lived in temporarily recovering from the health issue i do plan on building my next tank out of glass and around the same size of yours but a different. Design Probably. Similar. Construction a i am a retired Wood worker with over 20 years of professional woodworking experience And more than that as a hobby and passion of mine i am very much a DIYer and it includes building some of my furniture as well

  3. Where would I be able to buy LARGE ACRYLIC sheets for a aquarium window ? I'm looking at building a 1000 gallon wood aquarium using blue pond armor and need to get a acrylic sheet big enough and strong Enough I want a viewing area 60 inches high by 110 inches long 3 inch thick acrylic

  4. Hey Joey I'm thinking of doing this but with a 55gal. Do you think the glass side panel of a 55 are strong enough to build it square like you did or am I asking for trouble?




HOW TO: Build A Large Aquarium 2/6