HOW TO: Build A Glass Aquarium TUTORIAL

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EASIER way to build an aquarium:

A quick video on how to build a glass aquarium for only a few dollars.
In this video you will learn how to build a glass aquarium or fish tank, using scrap pieces of glass and silicone.

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  1. I want to ask, is it ok to put the side panels above the lower base(the base panel) design with a 80x50x50, 4mm glass and with no braces and no supports and just with only panels??

  2. Great video, but having been a glass cutter for years it was painful to watch sometimes, you need to hold the glass cutter like a pen, dip it in mineral oil and apply consistent pressure (just try to use the weight of your arm) and movement. You still did a good job though, some really good tips too. I'm thinking of doing a fishtank up my stairs so this helped, thank you 👍

  3. I have a 75gal that I'd like to replace just the bottom pc of glass.
    I was thinking of treating the sides like a standard reseal by cleaning & not breaking down.
    Gluing the bottom first with gluing the joints first then completing the reseal.
    Would you please advise?
    What is your opinion?



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