HOW TO: Build a fully integrated aquarium filter – Internal sump TUTORIAL

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HOW TO Build a fully integrated aquarium filter. Its like having a sump, without needing and overflow, plumbing or an extra aquarium below your tank.

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  1. I'm not sure what happened but I've been subscribed to you for years and just realized, after finding this video, that it unsubscribed me.. and I dont know how long ago. Sorry man!

  2. I wonder if it's possible to install a compartment like that in the middle of the aquarium, to split it into 2 parts operating on one filtration system?

  3. Joey I go back and watch your old videos because they are helpful and personally I think you do the best DIY videos in the hobby, though I suspect that China's entry into our hobby makes it cheaper to buy some things than it otherwise used to be.
    This system is great! Yeah it takes away some space, but it removes the ugliness of everything hanging off the tank. Sure, now you can buy a fully integrated tank from Fluval and a few others, but the price is nuts! I am pretty sure using the thin material, using your equipment, heater etc is a lot less expensive to turn a used tank (all of my tanks are used) into an integrated tank can be done cheaper than buying a similar tank off the shelf. There are many of us who just like DIY. It is what we live for.
    Thanks Joey, I know I'm late to the party, but just getting back into a hobby, means folks like you are very helpful to people like me.

  4. This is great. May be you can do a video about how to hide my heater, canister pipes, intakes, wires using this method. Think i need to spray paint acrylic black, with my black background. Thanks

  5. currently working on a project using this for a Red Claw Crab aquarium, it really solved my filtration issue while trying to make it look as natural as I can



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