HOW TO: Build a full aquarium – tank, light, filter and stand 3/3 TUTORIAL

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HOW TO Build a full aquarium system 3/3

In this video will show you how it works, costs and set up.

Part 1:

Part 2:

The update:


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  1. I'm unsure if I have my calculations downright…I am building a 75 gallon aquarium…if I go this route and incorporate an internal filter…would 6 teeth, 0.5 inch thick and 2 inches long provide the necessary flow I need for my aquarium? Thanks for clarifying, nice work Joey!

  2. Hey Joey love your videos you have no idea how much I have learned from you! Obviously I’ve seen a lot of your videos commenting on this now in 2019. I have a 40 breeder I will be doing this project on and have one quick question. How did you silicone the baffle walls in that tight space? Since it’s silicone against glass I’m guessing you found a creative to seal off those spots any advice?

  3. I want to build an internal filter like this. But what would be the best way to make sure no shrimp/fish fry or snails get into the filter area? Make a bigger inlet with a mesh cover? You would have to clean it with a toothbrush now and then to maintain a good inflow though. Anyone any other ideas?

  4. I really love it..The only thing that throws it off is that huge light..I saw the slim design Led's..and I purchased for myself on ebay pretty cheap… and I think it would look much better for your living space ..It just looks too bulky looking for that small aquarium.. But as usual you did it again for me!! Thumbs Up Joey!!! Your definitely King of DIY!!!

  5. Hi Joey,
    Amazing videos, I was wondering if 1/4" wide and 1" tall for the teeth would have the same 50 gph of flow as 1/8" wide and 2" tall.
    Thanks, looking forward to more videos

  6. I enjoyed this build –
    i was look at your fire place and had an idea for people who don't use there anymore. How about build an aquarium into the fire place could make a underwater fire with sand and led lights. could have a lid flap that opens and closes in the front for feeding and cleaning – filtration inside – one time i made a sponge under-gravel filter it covered the bottom of the tank only had 1/8 of an inch space from the bottom glass for water flow i use two power heads one on each side centered worked vary good. Just a thought.

  7. In a series like this, you should put annotations for the prior episode as long as the first episode at the beginning of each video. I found episode two first and had trouble finding episode one from there. Other than that, GREAT videos buddy 🙂

  8. Where do you buy your acrylic from? Home depot and canadian tire? Because I've always been wondering where to get the material from to build other things

  9. Hey Joey! I loved this build and am looking to give it a shot myself. I was wondering if this method with the built in filter was practical for a 55 gallon or if the filtration would need to be modified? Thanks for all the great videos and tutorials!

  10. Hi joey its a great aquarium ..I want to make a new aquarium for angelfish 550 Lt if you could help me it will be great Thanks Your the King of aquariums man 😉

  11. that tank looks sooo good empty… i always had special interest for empty tanks, because their possibility is still endless!! what did you use it for in the end?



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