HOW TO: Build a full aquarium – Building the tank and filtration 1/3 TUTORIAL

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HOW TO Build a full aquarium system 1/3

In this video will show you how i built the aquarium and the aquarium filter.

part 2:
part 3:
The update:

Below are past videos that you can watch to learn how i did everything.

How to build a glass aquarium:
How to Build a fully integrated aquarium filter :
Hot to brace an aquarium:
How to paint an aquarium:


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  1. Hy king of diy I've ordered 8mm glass for building 60inc length 15inc breadth and 24inc hight but they have delivered 6mm glass so can I make aquarium from that glass

  2. Hi joe this is Justin I am going to turn my 29 gallon tank into an all in one saltwater tank I was wondering if the pump you used in this video would work for me as well

  3. I want to build this as a 20 foot tank that people can swim in. For an underwater scen I want to film. What do you think I should do? I.e what would the basic measurements be?

  4. Need ur suggestion
    I have 5×1.5×2 size aquarium glass is 8mm and glass expanding bracing is their but center brace is broken twice kindly suggest any solution

  5. Hi, I have a small question. You mentioned that for saltwater tank, we need 4 chambers for it. May i ask the reason why? Sorry for a noob question. I recently just got into this amazing hobby. Thanks in advance.

  6. hello ! can you please help by telling me what you used to make the filter aside that i wanted it all glass without painting if possible and a really large aquarium what would i need? thanks!! 🙂

  7. You can do a series like this for a thousand times, we still watch and love it. Why? We're all aquarium addicted. I haven't build any tank for years, but still follow your vids.

  8. Thank you Joey! This build was AWESOME! I'm back into the hobby since my childhood (a good 25 years ago) and this video cleared my mind in so many ways! Thank you! I'll buy your book as well soon!

  9. Dude, you're the hobby's equivalent of what RUSH is to Rock & Roll… seriously, you're a total monster! I love all the projects I can do myself and my wife REALLY LOVES the far less frequent spending at our LFS… Thinking about tackling a plywood tank but I wanted to ask you how many plywood tanks had you made prior to the 300 gallon build?

  10. Hey man, great vids. Could you possibly share with us the dimensions of the tank in the vid? Looks like a big tank, are you not concerned at how the sides aren't siliconed on the bottom glass?

  11. Dude to make it short and simple , u are awesome beyond words. Thanks a million for your D.I.Y guides. Am yet to build my aquarium that would cost me nothing less than 1.5K, if I would buy it from any shop or builder. Good news is, am in the phase of collecting all necessary equipment. once am done, I will post it, & dedicate it to you.



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