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Pond season is here!
Want to build your dream pond? In my opinion, it all begins with inspiration. In this video, I take you to my favourite pond for a behind the scenes look to give you some ideas and perhaps the inspiration you are looking for.


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  1. I built a 3000 gallon pond 15 years ago in my New Jersey back yard. We finally found out why our koi were disappearing. We caught a blue heron two days in a row. We put netting all around and above the water. It works however it's a nuisance when working on the pond.

    What kind of predators do you have in Nova Scotia?

    How do you keep your beautiful fish protected?

  2. Thank you Graham for sharing your beautiful pond and setup and Joey for visiting and asking all the questions we'd want to.
    Graham the whole garden and landscaping is fabulous. I hope that your wrist is healing nicely so you can get back to doing the things you love without hindrance.
    Thanks again for allowing me to see your home.
    love to you both.

  3. I live in Ontario. I dont have room outside or the know how to build a Koi house. What can I do ? Is there some way to place a portable green house over my pond or something like that to protect them? Maybe you lost your fish because your pond is so shallow. I know two people that have had their ponds for years and they lost no Koi. However their ponds had a 3 foot deep section.



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