HOW TO build a DIY Upside Down/inverted Aquarium

How to build an Upside Down Aquarium

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  1. dear sir… your idea is very good… in fact is very special… but what type of filter that we can use for this tank and how should we feed fish??? hope for reply from you… 

  2. As a fellow builder, thanks for sharing, scrap or not it all still costs 🙂

    Personally I agree with others, it's a pretty useless tank and once the novelty has worn off I think you'll realise the chores of maintaining it are not so practical. Dead fish inside the raised area, food, general cleaning maintenance etc. I'd say think twice and maybe just admire them on Youtube lol :p

  3. I'm not getting this. Why is this better than a regular aquarium? What are major differences? I just don't get it. What is the point of an aquarium upside down in side of another aquarium? Why not just use the outer aquarium and have more room for fish? Someone help i love animals/pets and homemade projects but this seems, we'll, useless. Sorry to come off rude



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