HOW TO: Build a Corner Aquarium 2/2

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This is a video on how to build a corner aquarium. This is a 2 part series where the tank will be shown in the first video, while the stand in the second.


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  1. Hi! Saw your video here and was amazed! I have been searching high and low for a corner or L shape tank. Questio, would you be willing to sell this tank and the stand?Normally I would attempt to follow instructions and make this myself but honestly I don't feel comfortable enough to even attempt this. I would love to have this to surprise my boyfriend with.

  2. Can you have an aquarium without the frame of you have a small piece of glass on top to support it? I have a 30 liter tank at home but i don't like a frame on it because it's so small so I want to see as much as I can.

  3. I have two 125s that I'd like to make a corner tank without sacrificing any of their volume. Would it be okay to take out one of the side panels of tank A and cut that exact size out of the front panel of tank B and just silicone them together so one side of the corner tank is just a little shorter but it totals 250 gallons?
    Please explain how to do this when they tanks don't cut in half perfectly like your 12x24s in the video. Thank you! I subscribed!

  4. hey, in one of ur videos you said there will be info in the description on where to buy those 1in. bulk heads you were talking about. i was watching it on the xbox so i couldnt read the description. now i cant find the video… can you tell me or send me the link for these 1" bulk heads? i wanted to send a message thru your channel but there was no message link there…

  5. It's a nice reminder on the basics, I haven't kept fish for 15 yr's and I did kinda forget this part of glass support. It's gonna be a dream for me to keep a nice tank again, maybe about 5 years, nice vids. Thanks

  6. this was a great video but yes i agree i would have liked to have seen at least the aquarium on the stand in a corner or just ontop. gives watcher a hope that it can be done and looks good. either way i really liked the video and have some tanks laying around i might covert.


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