HOW TO: Build a Corner Aquarium 1/2

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This is a video on how to build a corner aquarium. This is a 2 part series where the tank will be shown in the first video, while the stand in the second.


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  1. First and foremost, please stop saying first and foremost.  🙂  Next to answer questions about building bigger tanks.  I would go plywood bottom for anything bigger than what he is doing in this vid.  He has a vid of building a big tank with a plywood bottom.  That being said, you can do it with any sized tanks if you try.

  2. Hi. First off, amazing work!! I have learned alot from your videos. I wanted to know what I can use to remove the silicone and simple enough its acetone hahaha. If I can make a request: I am just starting in the hobby of fish keeping ( freshwater). apart from the tank builds, can you make videos or direct me to videos on everything I need to know about fishkeeping, from the tipe of sand to filter and air compressor ext ext? Thank you!

  3. when u say to put on installation how thick r u talking about ? would it need to be thicker for a bigger tank … say two 75 gallons put together . thanks for all u do … u deff have inspired me allot

  4. By the way: if you think it would be possible to create a diamond shape out of 2 aquariums, than matbe it would be a nice idea for a new project to do here 🙂

  5. Hi Joey,

    I was just looking your film about the corner aquarium because i am walking around in my head with a simular idea.
    My question for you is, would it be possible to do the same technique and create a diamond shaped aquarium?
    So also use 2 same size aquariums and than create a diamond shape or 5 corners shaped aquarium from that?
    Hope i didn't make to many typo's because i am Dutch and my english is okay but not perfect.

    Hope that you are doing well and hope to see your answer soon.

    With kind regards Ed

  6. hi, im building my DIY cube tank, just need to check with you about Glass size is correct or not..
    Glass in 10mm thickness
    76.2cm x 60.96cm – 2pcs
    76.2cm x 58.96cm – 2pcs
    60.96 x 60.96cm – 1pcs
    pls advise tq

  7. Hello Joey! Im a huge fan of your videos!! you are amazing
    I have a question regarding a tank I wish to build, is it possible to build a corner aquarium that is a triangle shape? (flush to sides and wall) without degrading the structural integrity of the tank? or would it have to be a pentagon shape?

  8. Hey joey I have a 6f tank with 2 3f pieces for the bottom, am in the process of taking apart completely. Was wondering if you had any suggestions for when I'm putting back together what steps should I take. Do I build the sides onto the base like you have done in this vid and then seal the 2 bottom pieces or do I join the bottom 2 pieces first. Would appreciate any suggestions you have



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