HOW TO: Build a CHEAP aquarium SUMP filter

In today’s video I show you how to build one of the most effective types of sump filter for the least amount of money.
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  1. Did the plastic sump but the water in my sump keep spiking in ammonia don’t know what to do any help or advise? I lost a couple fish so far from the ammonia spike

  2. I realise this is quite an old video but is this suitable for a fish only saltwater aquarium if I added rocks in the bottom for beneficial bacteria?

  3. Why have a sump? Just let the bottom drawer drain into your tank????????????????? Not hard to put a hose on bottom of drawer and let it flow into tank nice and quiet

  4. Isn't it more risk to leaking around since you drilled holes all over the drawer overlapping the plastic stand that holds it, so water is dripping onto the plastic black stand, I just did a nice circle of holes in the middle of drawers to not overlap drips onto the stand

  5. I used this to build a 4 drawer setup for my 2 55 gallon tanks connected with a water bridge and I also used the overflow that you showed in another video to get water from the tank to the filter with a sponge media in the top followed by filter floss “polyfill” followed by plastic scrubbies. I used the last drawer for a pump to my aquaponic grow bed. The only thing I did different is I drilled a second small hole in the top to insert a tube for when I use my gravel vac, that way I don’t have to worry about the water getting to low. I love this setup and plan to use it for my other 55 gallon tank.

  6. Hope someone can help me… I want to make a diy project. Thinking of making something similar to this in the video but wanted to know… in theory will this oxygenate the the water enough for the fish? My tank will be a 190 litre (open top) and will only have 2 telescope goldfish in

  7. We're do u put the water pipe in the filter do u drill a hole into the lid and stick it into the top of that or is it at the back of it???? If anyone can let me know about this I would appreciate it thanks

  8. Has anyone ever considered making this on a smaller scale? I want to make a sump for my 6 gallon just for fun, and I'm sure its not hard to find smaller versions of this stuff. Would it work good, or even work period?

  9. Recently found you're channel. Good on you. Just picked up my first aquarium in many many years and got a complete used system and I'm looking to significantly increase filtration. The tank is in the family room and want to make sure whatever sump setup I install it's whisper quiet. Is the raining action of this system loud?

  10. Great video Thankyou
    My question is essentially
    How do I keep a Certain amount of water in the pump so that the heater dosent run dry?

    And also how does the flow from the pump match the flow from the overflow ?

    Can't quite get my head round these two things

  11. Hi Joey, I've been watching more and more of your videos. I'm really enjoying all the information and the passion you have on this hobby… please make a video comparison of the best beginner tank brands that you think is a good start (and brands to stay away) especially for someone who wants to start this hobby… God bless you — from SK

  12. How do you get it to fill and drain at the same speed? I used a pvc under a siphon and how do I get my pump to drain at the same speed

  13. ALSO – those scrubby things, if you can find a fabric store or somewhere that sells bolts of fabric / firm material exactly like those scrubbers, you can get like a meter of it for $2, probably even less, and if you buy it wholesale you could potentially have enough for ten sump filters for like $20 (y) not sure what the type of material would be called but it's for stiffening pleats in dresses or adding volume or bulk to puff out clothing but is a made of rigid porous mesh to minimise weight and like, keep it as a viable fabric haha (Y)



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