HOW TO: Bend Acrylic

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A better way to do it:

Instructional video on how to bend acrylic. Very useful video for the do it yourself’er


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  1. Thank you. Very useful. Done it, on a 15 inch sheet. I didn't know it could be done this way, I thought using a flame would blacken the acrylic but it doesn't! For those who try: use the minimum flame possible to avoid bubbling.

  2. "If it doesnt really matter what it looks like"….well acrylic plates are usually for looks or to be looked at…so next video search i guess..but thanks for the "fast-fix" 🙂

  3. surely it would be easier, safer and neater to use an strip heater. Especially now you can pick a new one up from eBay for under £150. I just put the piece of acrylic in heat it for the required time and bend it. I make jewellery, plastic displays what ever I want.

  4. You really should wear gloves, after all, wood can give you dangerous slivers that may cause infections. Also the open flame requires goggles and proper air venting. I sure hope you were using a safety stand mat for proper footing and relief of leg stress. I didn't notice how you lit the torch, but a proper non fragmenting approved sparker is the only safe way, with fire extinguishers handy and within reach properly labelled and serviced. Please also have a paid up life insurance policy.

  5. tnx for upload.when you bend it, you can cold it with sponge and water,to speed up electrical oven at max 80 degrees,or you make air bubles in acryl.

  6. Good effort and not a bad idea. But just get a good heat bender. They are not that expensive especially if your gonna do a lot of acrylic work. You will have a clean even distribution of heat across the plastic and a super clean bend with (if you time it right) no bubbles or warping. Not to mention too much heat like the torch gives will change the structure of the molecules. When you glue it with solvent like weld-on, you can get crazing (the spiderwebs). I find lots f weird and bad technique

  7. That video helped ALOT. Originally i was trying to make a semi cylinder front for my nano aquarium but i couldnt get the damn thing perfect and it would always warp. i was actually molding it to the shape of another black plastic piece and i put tin foil over it then the acrylic and used a heat gun and it ended up melting the acrylic and plastic mold under the tin foil. I decided then i can just do a bifold front but the video i just watched inspired me to trying oven molding it first, Thanks!

  8. Ok thank you, i tried using a heat gun and it seems like the torch would be better since it is more concentrated but the heat gun is less likely to burn. Im only trying to make a like 30 degree obtuse curve compared to a 90 degree curve like you so it seems a lot harder cause it always warps.

  9. Oh thanks a ton, I'm glad you mentioned that – that method will be even better for what I'm going to. Do you have any tips for cutting acrylic? I'm hoping there might be a way to cut it without a saw.

  10. So I'm trying to bend some acrylic .. and im using a heating gun… I'm getting bubbling … does this not happen with a blow torch?



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