HOW TO: Automatic water changes – Bulk Reef Supply challenge (BRStv) TUTORIAL

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DIY how to aquarium fish tank automatic water changes


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  1. Would you recommend a undergravel air pump in a saltwater tank looking to start a saltwater reef tank and heard this could be a good idea! Since the fish waste food and everything else sits in the gravel and the only time I would mess with that is a water change!

  2. Awesome build, but wouldn't it present a problem if the supply container went dry and the auto shut off only turned off the supply pump? I would think the prime pump on the overflow would still come on and continue to drain water until the timer shut off. Maybe connecting the prime pump to the auto shut off switch in the supply container or adding an additional auto shut off switch in the supply container would correct the issue. Keep up the builds love the show.

  3. OK, even if some of these things are not practical for me to implement, you are awesome and have some fantastic ideas. I love your channel. Subscribed!

  4. Why wouldn't you just use a doser and take a few litres out a day depending on how much of a water change you done every week? I personally do 50-75 litres a week and have been thinking of doing it with a doser. Is there any down side to doing it like this? I'm not a big fan of having equipment everywhere I like for my tank and sump to look nice and tidy.

  5. impractico para el acuario marino, hay que batir bien la sal y calibrarla, hay que hacerlo de todos modos asi que si ya preparaste la sal y haces este metodo del video quedarias a medias para mi gusto, ya hiciste la mitad del trabajo! quitar agua y volverla a reponer con una bomba grande es rapido, asi que sigo con el metodo tradicional.

  6. How do you calculate the salinity of added water ? U are adding salt water to the tank, it overflows into sink. But we also have water evaporation, where salt stays in tank. With current setup we cant have top off fresh water. So in this case salt will be constantly rising if we add salt water same salinity as tank. So we need lower salinity, how is that calculated ?

  7. c
    Can you set this up as a drip system? Would it work to leave the pump on, restricted by a drip valve, and time it to see how long it takes for the water to get, say, an inch over the outflow and then cycle the outflow primer pump?

  8. Hello friend, I really like your videos, but I'm from Colombia and it's very difficult for me to understand your language, it would be great if you had subtitles, THANKS (I had to use a translator to write to you)

  9. Im building a automatic waterchanger thingy in my appartment, using some of ur builds but using 2×25 liters buckets for the watersupplay and overflow, do u think it will give enough throughput?



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