How to aquascape an aquarium

Think you have what it takes to win an aquarium aquascaping contest? Today I got Jen, (who has won every contact i have seen her enter), divulge a few tips and tricks of the trade!
She had me so inspired that I needed one of my own!!

YES this is the tank I have been talking about in my LIVE videos on Facebook –

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  1. Joey, love this series of tanks. can't wait to see yours. do you know what plant light she used on this? I don't see it on their website but it seems to match the tank very well.

  2. I was all in until I Heard about transporting. Give me a break this should be done online only. What a pain in the ass to move your tank to a different city.

  3. Got to admit that's a unique tank, and it does require a unique aquascaper to pull it of in a believable way.
    I think Jen is a great aquascaper and she may start a new trend in aquascaping.
    The drop off style.

  4. Dear The king of DIY,
    I have a 10 Gallon Tank With Cory Cat fish, Octacinclues, Pleco, Plati,Tetras,Danios, and guppies (I know it's a lot of different fish) and I'm thinking of getting 1 dwarf gourami fish and 1 beta will all of them get along? And Can You Please Make another video about your daughters beta and shrimp tank? Did the shrimp get to big and then did beta eat them? Sorry if this was a waste of your time but i was just wondering (like any other beginner would do) hope you can help!
    Sincerely TheChosenWolf,

  5. Hey Joey. Jen is a super cool person. I'm friends with her from way back. We actually used to drag race together and I won a race driving her bf's car in Virginia. Can you tell her that Bobby Williams says hello? It's so weird how I saw her on one of Rachael's vids. I have to make it to an event sometime soon,ugh. Haha



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