HOW TO: Aquarium water conditioner – DIY CHLORINE REMOVAL

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  1. Thank you soooo much.. I was about to regret getting an aquarium and I didn’t know that you always need to buy water conditioner when your out of it

  2. A friend of the family gave my boys a 28 gallon tank. I live in Toronto and I know that it has alot of bad stuff from the water plant. So I tried looking for this stuff that you used on Amazon but for some reason they don't show it there. Where else can I get the powder. Is this stuff they best and cheapest way to treat it.? Thank you.

  3. Hypo is being used by lot of aquarium shops here in India . Its cheap and suggested to use very less. Although i knew about hypo, i had forgotten and this video reminded me of it. Ordering it now

  4. Just found your video!
    Any pointers on how I should go about treating a 1200 gallon pond when adding water. Our tap water is HIGHLY CHLORINATED!
    We have reverse osmosis for drinking and cooking, as well as a berkey style filter in our living room.

  5. One suggestion please.. How safe would it be to treat cloudy water with common alum, before adding it to the tank?. There are some vids in the YouTube regarding this process but it certainly did not look convincing to me that's why asking.
    Looking to know this especially for discus tank.

  6. When I read online it seems like chlorine is not the only thing you need to get rid of. I've read ammonia and heavy metals as well, can someone explain this to me?




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