HOW TO: aquarium water bridge

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In this video, I show you how to build a water bridge.

Simply put, A Water Bridge is a tunnel that connects 2 aquariums from above. It allows fish to freely swim from one aquarium to the other.

In this video, i show you;
what an aquarium water bridge is
how a water bridge works
how to design and plan a water bridge
how to build your water bridge
how to clean your water bridge
how to do a water change with a water bridge installed
I covered everything you will need to know with examples and demonstrations.


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  1. Yah sweet bro, I had been thinking about this very concept over this past week, then I came across this video. I was thinking more of putting a dome of sorts in the centre of my goldfish pond so they could swim up above the waterline and see the pond they live in, Lol. Thing that kept me up at night (so to speak) is Pressure.

    Specifically, what it might actually feel like for the fish and potential effects?

    – Do they experience any pressure differential inside the water vacuum columb?, like you would experience if you were to dive down really deep into the ocean?
    – If so does that mean the higher above the surface they swim the greater the pressure they would experience?
    – Or is there simply no pressure differential in any area of the total volume of water contained within the system.

    Probably overthinking it, but I find it to be an intriguing question.

  2. I built a custom stand for my two 55s to make them feel a bit more like 1 big tank – this would make it even more that way! Makes me feel more motivated to set them up again and do this. I can just imagine the antics of clown loaches on this bridge 🙂

  3. You should do one of these again but planted and with three betta fish. One female for the middle giving her the whole bridge and 1/3 of each tank to flare and separate them with plexiglass dividers and put one male on both sides



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