HOW TO: Aquarium safe rocks TUTORIAL

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Aquarium safe rocks. A basic break down on how to figure out which rocks are safe for your aquarium.

A lot of times, aquarium hobbyists like to find their own rocks, yet a common question they will ask is: Which rocks are safe for my aquarium.
This is my way of figuring out what you can and probably shouldn’t use, by using a process of elimination by way of simple testing.


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  1. If I go to the beach and get rocksThat would be OK but I also would think that if I put the calcium would react with it what do you have to say about that? Not sure How this works into the testing but Pretty sure they are safe

  2. The other thing you can do if you're not sure is spray the rocks with a clear matt finish varnish. All harmful materials encased. Just give the varnish a couple of days to ensure that all solvents are evaporated ,-)

  3. I'm no expert but anyone asking about wood, all you should need to do is boil your wood for 30 – 60 minutes and it should be good to go in a tank. Only worry about wood is possible microbes/pathogens living in it which would all die with the boiling water. Not as big as an issue like rocks where they could contain metals and minerals.

  4. I would like a wood video. I have some Lake Superior driftwood that looks really sharp, but wood absorbs chemicals and who knows what kind of bacteria. My fish are tropical. Don't know if that's an okay mix: Lake Superior driftwood and tropical fish.

  5. Muriatic acid will react with many a number of metals. So even if a rock lacks carbonates but contains a reactive metal, you will get a reaction which results in bubbles. This could be from metals like iron, zinc, aluminium, and so on. So reactions from milky quartz, granite, and such will happen provided the metal content is high enough.

  6. Hi great video…. what about to use 10g ozone generator with pure water…. like very acid from alkaline/ acid ionizer…to clinze rock?

  7. So I was wondering my mother got rocks when she was gold mining and they have ruby and random gems inside of the rock do you think they would be safe I will do your test but I just was wondering

  8. English is not my main language so i'm wondering if i got this right: So you want a hard rock that doesn't react with acid? Or do you want a soft rock that doesnt react to the acid?

  9. I love how informative you are in your video best iv seen yet but In another chat everyone said not to boil the rocks for one yes they can explode but also they can expel other chemicals from being heated up and you can be inhaling them and also your fish could get them after puting thr rock into the tank. They told me to do the bleach and or vinegar and scrub them out.

  10. i had this sea rocks and sea shells which is kept in my warehouse for many years ..been thinking of putting this shells and rocks in my tank. will this thing be safe for the tank , considering of boiling and washing them properly?



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