HOW TO: Aquarium fish cosmetic surgery operation TUTORIAL

This fin trimming was done to my asian arowana
A bit of cosmetic surgery is sometimes needed to help your fish look and function its best. At times it is done to help fix a visual issue with the fish and at others it is done to repair damage.
Typically this is done on larger fish though, as their visual traits are much more easily seen. So any imperfection is clearly visible.
I am not saying that you should do this, but rather simply showing you how I did it.

The dosing is as follows: 0.5ml clove oil for every gallon of water.
The clove oil is specifically: Eugenia Caryophyllata

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  1. Amazing video, I got scared too but glad to know he came back to life…
    Btw one tip: I feel you could've shown the fins cause I couldn't see them in that coloured light but good video(not a complain but a room for improvement)

  2. You have mentioned doing drop eye surgery, plus you haven't posted in 4 days, so here I am. Scary to see the ariwana take that long to wake up

  3. Tbh I think cosmetic surgery is wrong when done to animals unless they have some sort of deformity that is harming them. They are not vain like us and I'm not entirely convinced it doesn't stress them. And more recent studies are showing fish do exhibit pain responses so there's that aspect too. Idk it's not the end of the world, but not really the best thing to do IMO.

  4. he just trimmed it a bit think of it as if you had a huge toe nail that makes it hard to put on shoes and also hard to walk you'd want that toenail trimmed so it can regrow probably right

  5. How can you find out the correct amount of olive oil to water to give per different fish size? I have an Amazon Puffer who needs his teeth trimmed. He’s fed a 99% diet of snails, but I do switch it up here and there to provide a nutritious gambit of food for good health.



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