HOW TO: Aquarium filter Drip Plate for trickle tower filter sump – wet/dry

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A short video on how to make a DIY Drip Plate for your wet/dry, trickle tower, or any other filter that requires one.

Check out my “How to” videos on working with acrylic to find out how to weld acrylic together to make your acrylic box for your drip plate.

See this video to see one of my drip plates in action:


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  1. by the way if you drilled at the same speed but you don't put as much weight on a drill you don't get those little pieces of plastic it's a clean cut. it works better that way than doing it fast more weight.

  2. In my opinion, all you are doing is providing a means to evenly distribute water over some type of filter media. The goal is to have it distributed evenly so the thickness of the material shouldn't really matter. Since all you are doing is providing a flat plate with holes in it, the type of acrylic shouldn't matter either. From what I've read, Lexan IS an extruded product. Extruded just refers to the way it was made. Extruded = material pushed through a die/form – Cast = put/poured into a mold.

  3. The egg crate template is an awesome idea, thank you for posting. To save some drilling time we used undergravel filter plates upside down seems to work well but we may have been lucky with the amount of flow vs holes.

  4. I'm glad I watched this instead of going with my first thought which was "I know how to drill holes." It looks so professional having them evenly spaced. On a side note- I don't know how you do this stuff all the time! I'm exhausted! Holding a power drill requires muscles I don't think I have..

  5. sounds cool but if u can post a video of what it looks like that would be great. because i type in drip plates and all i see are top views and not what happens with the water and where it drips. thanks



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