HOW TO: Aquarium Canister filter with INLINE HEATER TUTORIAL

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How to build an aquarium canister filter with inline heater.

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  1. So I'm a big fan of Joey's videos – I've seen dozens and dozens of them, and I'm even a subscriber. I have truly learned a lot, and I appreciate the time and effort he puts into his videos – they are really great. However, with this one, I think it's a miss. I don't know how the Eheim heater will work if the minimum water level is above the in-line heater Uniseal at the top. I know it does not work because I built one myself and if that minimum water line (squiggly marker – see 2:04 right by the N in the UNISEAL marking on the Uniseal , right below his thumb) is not completely submerged, it will not turn on. I had to shave the inside of both the drilled hole in the PVC and shave the Uniseal hole out just a bit to make it work. It's working just fine now, but there isn't a video that I know of on YouTube that tells you this. A bit of a miss for this video – and the one prior that shows the actual build. I'm using a 3/4 Uniseal, an Eheim Jager 300W and 1-1/2" PVC – I tried it several ways to make this work and was unsuccessful. The head diameter of the heater is 1.2" and the max opening of the Uniseal is 1" – so it's not possible without shaving (ever so slightly) both the PVC and the Uniseal – I used a Dremel with the small cylindrical sander. I also have it being fed from my DIY canister filter (thanks to Joey, again 🙂 ).

  2. Hi!
    I'm building a canister filter, but since the Krylon fusion for plastic paint isn´t aveilable anymore at least in my country, i wonder, does krylon fusion all in one could be used for the pipes that go inside the tank?
    Thak you so much for your videos.

  3. just came across your channel. loving it. Lots of great info, and you aren't painful to watch or listen to as some of the other channels are. And i love seeing the gallery

  4. Dang, these videos are just perfect…shows you don't always need to blow big money to get into the larger-sized aquariums of the hobby!

  5. I am wanting to make a canister filter that sits down below and under the aquarium. So it isnt seen. Is it possible? Plus do the never change water idea also. How would you go about this?

  6. This is great and i made one of my own, but i have a problem. I keep mainly nano fish and i have been finding my fish stuck and dead to the pump intake! Any suggestions?

  7. What are the chances of the heater being a fire hazard? The heater seems a bit to concealed within the pipe. Not to mention that Pvc can put out toxins when heated. I plan on building one in my "unheated garage" with the line going through my wall since my aquarium is directly on the other side. Winter gets cold here in Iowa. Thanks.

  8. Hey Joey, great vids as always. When I first saw your canister filter I always thought you should place the "out" at the flat end of the pvc pipe… maybe you could then just do 2 90 elbows to make it return back up… and then just glue some legs to it so it did not put pressure on the bottom pipe… then you wouldn;t have to worry about the connection not being that great for the "out" piping…. anyway just a thought, love the videos 🙂

    I made some diy rocks for my tank, if you check my vids you'll see them. Looking forward to your next vids!

  9. hmm a very short video for this week? is that all you did the past week? im smelling a secret project! haha but srysly nice vid joey! also loving the topic of the week vids!

  10. Long time follower, first time responder… I think I have only seen 1 video where you mentioned having an u/v sterilizer inline. Have not seen anything about how you would build one. I have ideas, but I would love an accomplished aquarist ideas. Like what wattage is actually needed. Also would it be more beneficial to having it inline right before water returns to the tank?

  11. Would it be at all beneficial to run two, smaller heater, so another section of pvc as well? This would be theoretically to provide the back up incase one fails, like in a normal aquarium heater set up. And maybe heat the water better because of the increased contact time with the heater. Or would it just be an unnecessary redundancy? Thanks Joey

  12. Hey joey hows it goin, i got a quick question for u man, what air pump do u recommend for my fish room i need to get air to about 30 tanks but am expanding evey mouth my goal is to have 200 breeding tanks all with sponge filtration, and there r so many different kinds and models and i have no idea wich 1 i need or wich ones i should be looking for, can u plz help me out here brotha???

  13. I like your ideas and find all your work inspiring.
    Question if the pump blocks or pipe and no water can get to the filter and heater
    will the heater not burn out ?

  14. How about using under floor heating matting that is put under kitchen tiles? They come with a thermostat that I am sure can be jury rigged. Cutt the mat to size and sit the tank on top.

  15. I cannot find the male threaded adapter with gasket through internet for the diy canister. Instead I will try with a male threaded adapter without gasket but with teflon tape. Someone recommends me this option.



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