HOW TO: Aquaponics for the aquarium hobbyist TUTORIAL

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Aquaponics for the aquarium hobbyist

Easiest aquaponics:

Have mini aquariums and plants hang from your wall:

An all in one filter with plants:

I was doing some cleaning this week when I stumbled across a project I began building and filming months ago. As you can imagine, in order to produce the content for this channel, I cannot depend on building one project a week. I build multiple projects every week and pick one to show you guys(Not every project works out or is worthy of what I value most… your viewership. I appreciate your time and refuse to waste it). This is one i did intend on showing you, however it got moved aside and forgotten. I managed to find the original footage, but felt it was lacking… so i came up with another project to show as well. I thought with summer here, it would be a great time to show it. Both are really only intended to inspire you or give you some ideas to work with. In all honesty, both were done really quickly as I don’t intend to personally use these exact projects as i would personally need something a lot bigger, however if and when i do it, this is how i would. Hope you enjoy.


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  1. I'm thinking of a small aquaponic setup on the 24" plastic overhead sump you've shown in your other video… Hope it works. Do we need clay pellets? Will regular bio-media like lava rock not work? I may just use some rock wool to hold the plants in the mini-pots

  2. If anyone is interested in aquaponics the greatest results that i've ever had was by following the Keiths Ponics Site (i found it on google) without a doubt the best info i've tried.

  3. You have truly inspired me. I'm going to create a Zen garden type of area with Bonzai trees and a little creek on top of my aquarium that is filtered out underneath via a Deadpool Marvel filter I am making. …a little waterfall and everything.

  4. I love all the DIY that you do and I appreciate the efforts you put into sharing information on different things. That being said, there are a few missing things about this project to make it viable. The big tube with the small flower pots would work for lettuce, as long as you already have a working system that converts your ammonia into nitrite and nitrite into nitrate because lettuce is not the best at doing that. Now for the plastic shelving DIY: First, to grow any kind of vegetables you would need to install containers on each shelf that can hold at least 6 to 12 inches of clay beads depending on the vegetable or plant you whant. You would also need a bell siphon so that the water level would rise to flood the roots for a short period of time and then drain to let them get some oxygen, otherwise you will get root rot. Secondly, you also need a sponge on the intake and on the outtake otherwise you will get a lot of detritus on you clay beads leaving them less effective and needing a good cleaning, which you don’t want to do when you are trying to grow any plants. Third issue is that the containers become really heavy with the wet clay and the plants so a plastic shelving would not be able to hold them. You need a really good structure to hold all of that weight. All in all this idea is viable with a little tweaks here and there. Hope those tips are helpful and that some of your viewers are tempted to start an aquaponic system for themselves!

  5. the greatest success that I have ever had was by using the Keiths Ponics Site (just google it) definately the most useful info i've followed.

  6. I like the first model is simple and to eliminate some the nitrates from the acuarium and grow some herbs (mint and basil works very great in acuaponics), but plans usually need to add things like potasium, etc.
    I tried the hole in the wall/window to use my inside acuarium in acuaponics (the temperature was a problem).

    The rack is a good idea, but "pant bed" is too little, need a bigger/taller bed to grow the plants… But looks great to use it as an automatic irrigation for comon plants in pots with a timer in the pump for a greenhouse… 🙂

    Your "Overhead aquarium sump filter" is a great idea too use for it for acuaponics… 🙂

  7. I alway wonder when I see diy videos of yours that include plastics, if you check their composition. You don't want chemicals such as bpa leeching in the water, and the recycle code on plastics should indicate whether it's safe.

  8. The lighting on the rack – if used indoors – could be solved with the use of red/blue/white LED lights, the kind that comes in strips and who are waterproof/water resistant. I had them in my frog tank which had lots of plants and moss, and it worked out super. And they don't use much of electricity either and can be dimmed if wanted/needed.


  9. Hi Joey…love the videos! Will an aquaponics system provide complete filtration for an aquarium? If so, how many plants do you think I'd need to provide adequate filtration to a fully stocked 20 gallon aquarium?

  10. Thanks for ideas, I have Mbuna's and we all know how messy they are. My question is I add Seachem Malawi salt and Seachem Malawi trace minerals. Will Pothos grow given water has salt in it??

  11. Cool video.thanks for the layout tips The best layouts that I have noticed was at Aqua garden plans (just google it) it was the most useful tank system that I tried.

  12. Cool video.thanks for the layout tips The best layouts that I have noticed was at Aqua garden plans (just google it) it was the most useful tank system that I tried.

  13. Hey Joey, first of all let me tell you I love your videos and have been a subscriber for a long time! So i just uploaded a video on my channel on how i do water changes on my aquarium, and even though I think it's quite a good way, I think it still needs improvement. I think it would be a good idea for one of your projects to do an even better way of doing water changes! Just an idea 😉

  14. awww. nosey neighbors suck. it wasn't a horrible vid–it was great as always. you're the star and they are the spectators. stay focused and keep doing what you do.



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