HOW TO: Amazing 3D Aquarium Background

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DIY 3D aquarium background

How to build a 3D aquarium background.


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  1. Are the foam creations after they have been coated ok for the tank and fish or do you still have to use a fiberglass resin????for it to be safe in the water for the fish……I was thinking of a underwater bonsai tree that interconnects with another….i attempted it useing wire as a base and pond seal to make sure that water didnt get inside…but they i got to come up with a better idea

  2. Joey, Joey ,Joey One ugly thing!!! Good work !! ever thought of a light diffuser background (the kind you use in filters), cut to size, add suction cups, place in your aquarium add moss, Java lace , Java fern.and Anubis.
    The more moss the better (any kind) ..Current hits the moss it will grow super fast.
    Craig Woody's Discus closed group FB

  3. I WOULD put it in my house :O you opened up a wholeee new world for me

    the only thing im confused about /\the paint for in the aquarium ?

    how do you get it safe for fish and same coloring

    and do you maybe have some product names for me <3


  4. GREAT video…asusual!  Say…Im interested in a table top –very small –aquarium but not in the standard ugly store bought kind. What tiny heater/filter product should I get for a tank 2 gallons and under.  THANKS! KEEP THOSE VIDEOS COMING! <3

  5. This is a fantastic idea and an absolutely stunning build! It seems your creativity and craftsmanship knows no bounds and I'm so thankful I've found your channel. I'm so grateful I'm re-entering the hobby at a time there us so much information so readily available for free, and I only wish I'd had these tools (15+!) years ago when I first fell in love with the hobby but had little guidance and so few opportunities to learn DIY as safely and effectively as you have given us on your channel.

    I'm actually re-entering the hobby with Aquaponics (instead of only goldfish keeping as before) and there hasn't been a single video I've watched from you that didn't have at least something I could take away and use, be that info or full projects, to help me fall in love with the hobby all over again making it even more enjoyable and affordable!

    Thank you so much and I can't wait to see your next project!

  6. I REALLY like the way it came out! It also fills my head with all kinds of ideas, thank you. Like someone in the comments said, coral would look awesome made like this!! Take good care :0)~

  7. Hi Joe please Can You creat a 3d background Amazonia , using redwood or Amazonia roots and sands , stones, gravel different size.I'm more into using only natural products, what a kind of silicon will be fab to used , to glue them into styropham foam .regards Archie 

  8. where did you acquire the styrofoam in such a large size and thickness? the local stores here in Houston, TX like Lowe's and Home Depot do not sell anything that size. Or, did you use insulating Foam?

  9. Hey Joey, add more ferns between those woods, or perhaps use a DIY gel to attach mosses…this is a raw idea, but if you could see it in the bigger picture, turns out very cool for a small tank

  10. Wow, Joey- that is really peaceful to wach- I think it looks so real! I kept thinking- at 15:56 that piece you have made- imagine making hundreds of small to medium holes in all the branches- then a few star-pucker designs- then coloring it pinkish or whaever type of Coral you'd like? That really looks like REAL coral. Amazing!

  11. Go to the thrift store and get yourself an electric knife, will make the cutter much easier. Really enjoyed the video, thanx for the time you took to do this for us.

  12. watched this along time ago when i was new to the hobby and didnt like your end result but now after seeing it again with a lil bit of a different view on it i realy like that tank but it wouldnt work in my house but if i had a wood cabin rustic type home and u cover the stand or make a new one to make it look like the tank is held but from a tree thats the same shape as your tree in tank as thou the tree grow partly thro the tank



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