HOW TO: All natural DIY aquarium decorations

How to make your own aquarium decorations out of all natural materials.

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  1. Great project! Where in NH would one find driftwood for a 75 gallon aquarium? Our four year old daughter wants an all natural planted tank. Where is a good place to get plants as well? LFS and chain store prices are insane.

  2. Hi Joey great video, I am trialling Devils Ivey in my shrimp and tropical set ups all doing great plus, love plants trailing over aquariums. My problem is my show Cichlid Tank, as I add trace Seachem Cichlid Salt and buffers to the water the plant just doesn't look as happy. Can you recommend a suitable aquatic plant that would grow in Cichlid set up? Thanks CichlidChip.

  3. Good to see you moving right along on this build. Are the medium clown loach's coming in the mail this week or next? Their gonna look so good schooling around the bottom!

  4. Hey Joey, do you offer an affiliate program for people who would like to promote your DIY book? If yes what's the best way to get in touch with you. I didn't see a contact section on your website.

  5. Hello from the other side 🙂 Joey dont trouble Yourself wit the plants in this tank. Just a bit of sand and bare driftwood stickin up on the background. Some catappa or indian almond leaves. It will look awesome.

  6. Been having great luck the last year with Amazon sword inside a hollow pieces of drift wood. Cichlids and Arowana occasionally trim the leaves but other then that it's been fine. Never seen anyone else grow it this way wasn't sure if it would work. Seems to multiple more the normal and has stayed small and wide instead of the usually height I get when planted in substrate

  7. I know to we'll what the silver dollars can do in a planted tank. I use to have a few of them and they he just love live plants. nice video man.



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