HOW TO: Algae scrubber SUPER CHARGED

Building an algae scrubber for your aquarium is yet another way to battle nitrates in your aquarium while keeping the display nuisance algae free.

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Supplies to build this algae scrubber:

660nm solderless LED (Photo red) X4
440nm solderless LED(Royal blue) X2
1 Thermal adhesive
1 nano disable driver w/potentiometer
1 Driver jumper
1 End plug

2 containers
Needlepoint plastic mesh
Reflective aluminum tape
“Hagen A955 Elite Air bubbler” (UPC code : 15561109550)

Air pump and airline hose sized to your tank/height of water


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  1. I built the original scrubber. A little bit of algae grew but it didn't continue to grow and was black. I used a grow light both red and blue spectrum. I'm wondering if the light is too strong?

  2. Hi Joey, parts arrived today and I've been busy making my own Algae Scrubber, can't wait for the new Aquarium to set it up.. Thanks again fella Your Videos are AWSEOME !! Thanks Eamonn from the UK

  3. Just spent a hour on Amazon sourcing all the bits, I'm waiting for a new aquarium to be delivered, so i'll have it all made and ready when it arrives Thanks Joey Loving your videos, apart from your Rays video, my wife saw me watching and is now saying we need rays in our home, I better start saving lol..

  4. I know I'm way late on this video but I have a question. Any real benefit to having the two sides different depths or can a person use 2 of the same thing just as well?

  5. If this is going into a sump that already has a refugium and plant LED light, could you use a clear plastic thing to hold it and avoid an external cover? Maybe cover it with a white background to reflect as much light (if any) as possible back at the knitting thing?

  6. I love your videos and I’ve been watching for years. I really want to make this and tho I’m pretty handy at doing my own builds I have never worked with DIY led strips. It seems like everyone just shows it in high speed or with no detailed explanation (as if it’s common knowledge) so maybe I’m the only one not in the loop 🤔 Is there a chance you could do a video focused on how that works and how to assemble it? Like “for dummies” who don’t know what the different parts are that you’re talking about. If you’ve already made a video like that can you link it in case I am not finding it?

    I have made several of your DIY’s in the past and I’m hoping to make this one too!

    I appreciate all the time and effort you put into this channel. It has greatly improved my fish keeping. Thank you!!!

  7. due to my gardening hobby I have a bunch of Blue/Red LED grow lights I am going to make one of these for my tank but put one of my grow lights in the shroud instead. That way I won't have to tinker with getting the color spectrum correct and I already have the lights and timers for it. I really like this skimmer solution.

  8. Have you noticed the change in algae in your tank after adding the Ellie scrubber because I'm thinking of making my own LED algae scrubber with the parts you posted on your webpage



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