HOW TO: A complete aquarium filter – ALL IN ONE TUTORIAL

HOW TO: A complete aquarium filter - ALL IN ONE TUTORIAL

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An all in one aquarium filter is possible if we keep it simple.
Building a DIY aquarium filter is one of my favorite how to projects to do.

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  1. Hi, Could you please say in one sentence:
    How effective is Pothos in reduction of Nitrates?
    B) why there are so many other people in youtube saying Pothos is actually bad for the tanks Nitrate?

  2. Hi Joey. Great info. Can I make an anoxic filter using my HOB filter? I would put the media in mesh bags and use a prefilter at the intake. Thanks for any guidance you can give me.

  3. i have a 10 gallon tank. if i add this DIY Filter then will it be enough to take care of the tank ( water movement/cycling in tank/water flow),. fishes are not yet added and i only plan to go for nano fishes. also i only have a air pump and a diffuser with a diy sponge filter made by watching this video. nothing else. currently the tank is being cycled and its 4th week now.

  4. I absolutely must say thank you for this. I'm planning on making a paludairium that is at least semi self sustained, to keep matnince low. This filter greatly helps for sevral reasons.
    1.) cost effective
    2.) low maintenance in terms of cleaning, replacement etc…
    3.) removes nitrates
    4.) saves space
    5.) grows plants

  5. Hey! Pothos is REALLY forgiving! They can tolerate full sunlight as well as none at all. Also, I'm spreading the word that the leaves can be pinched off and planted directly into your substrate. The plant quickly grows roots and thrives in your tank as well as keeping your Nitrites and Nitrates barely detectable. These can also be found at any Lowes or Home Depot. Happy Fish! 🙂

  6. hi.

    u think I can use the material with a set filter of the Tetra AquaArt Explorer Line 30liter tank?
    it's an internal waterfall filter.

    the usual media is covered in a bag of sponge. this one is slit into the filter vertically. so the water is pumped in the section behind it and flows through the media to the overflow.

    but I'd like more biological media in this filter… I thought to use ur built . the work of water flow would be established by the internal pump.

    I have regrets because I don't know if the the media would get the flow stuck.

    what do you think?

  7. Hey Joey, I just made one of these yesterday and put it in my cichlid tank! As a precaution I added a check valve, as I always do with anything I run off of an air pump. The air pump I used was a double outlet, so I just cut a couple of pieces of airline, connected them to a T piece to run a single line to my bottle and I also added an air line control valve to control the air output. Its working like a charm and I plan on making another for my community friendly tank! Thanks for the ideas and keep em coming!!




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