HOW TO: $8 Aquarium sterilizer

In today’s video, i show you how to build an aquarium water sterilizer that will only cost you $8.
What I used to cement the wires:
Disclaimer: This is only what I THINK the twinstar does. I could be wrong here. The point of the video is to share my ideas and inspire some of your own. As always, proceed with caution and insure you do some testing and further research prior to adding this to your aquarium.

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  1. I think I have seen this kind of equipment somewhere else. But it was used to increase O2 level in the water. In hydroponics it is important that the solutions has some O2. Could you check this with a DO meter? In a recirculating system could it be used to disinfect the system prior activation?
    Nice videos, I like them, keep the good work.

  2. i built one back last year, at the time I was running my aqurium lights fir 15 hours a day and algae was terrible, I put a day eltronasis sterilize inside my die canister filter i did run the steralizer 24/7 but it did kill off the algae issue so i guess placement and time ran is key

  3. Hey bro thanks for video.
    I made a similar project but i am not able to understand that it is producing a whitish powder material at electrode what it can be.
    What is that you have any idea.
    I have used steel mesh.

  4. As a saltwater guy, the metals, specifically lead (solder) and copper (Wires) scare me. Not that I would ever use this in saltwater due to the chlorine production, but do those metals not affect freshwater?

  5. Will this work on tap water?
    Because for electrolysis of water u need distilled water normal tap water produces other substances and causes discoloration in water.

  6. Hmm, I have tried multiple setups, all of them created a brown rusty like substance. I guess the metal mesh oxidated… I ve tried most of the metal meshes and I wonder what is the exact substance of the mesh ? Is it a metal ? The second question is how much exact voltage do you use ? I have tried 5 volt upto 12 volt with no white fog as a result …



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